June 20th, 2024 Live Chat at 9am to 2pm PST/12:00 pm 5:00 pm EST

Focus Areas:
Financial Services and Accounting, Sales and Marketing, and Tech 9:00 am- 2:00 pm PST

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Fair Opens: 9AM PST

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Career fairs...reinvented

BVCF provides a low friction and stealth environment for Black professionals to learn about corporate culture, interact with recruiters and apply for job opportunities ... all in real-time

Black Virtual Career Fair (BVCF) connects talented Black professionals to progressive companies committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

We showcase career opportunities and brands while streamlining the recruitment process and placing talented candidates, both active and the often elusive passive, in direct contact with recruiters and hiring managers. The platform provides a low friction and stealth environment for Black professionals to learn about corporate culture, interact with recruiters and hiring managers, and apply for job opportunities ... all in real-time.

Why Participate?

Career fairs...reinvented. Convenient, Efficient and Effective


Passive (currently employed) candidates love virtual fairs because of their privacy and confidentiality. They can look for new opportunities and audio, text or video chat with recruiters without the concern of being discovered by their employer and associates.


Chat with recruiters and hiring managers in real-time and get your questions answered


Discover and connect with companies committed to diversity


Discover great career opportunities and apply in real-time via job boards


Obtain objective work culture insights from the BVCF community


Get to the bottom line faster. Employers may preselect candidates before the fair for interviews and some may be prepared to make hiring decisions in real-time!

Frequently Asked Questions


This is an online event. You do not have to travel to a specific location and you can participate anywhere you have internet access, including mobile and tablet devices.
See How It Works. Black Virtual Career Fair runs on a state-of-the-art virtual platform built to connect employers with candidates in a virtual environment through live interactive tools including audio, video and text chat, rich content and downloadables.
Black Virtual Career Fair is a joint venture of the African American Employee Network(AAEN), a communications network serving African American professionals and  Onyx Community Connection (Onyx) a Black professionals organization committed to amplifying Black excellence through regular business, social and community service events and communications.


Active and the often elusive passive candidates are able to preregister now until the day of the online event. Read more about the Employer Experience.
The BVCF network includes over 100,000 potential candidates.
Yes! BVCF surveys indicate that belonging, equity and work culture are critical factors in selecting an employer. After you book your virtual booth, you will have a dedicated, customized booth to share and showcase your brand and culture with thousands of black professionals.
Email BVCF or schedule a 15-45 minute consultation to chat with one of our representatives.